NGPA has brought the generator of hazardous waste & domestic hazardous waste, transporter and operator having expertise in TSDF operation at a single platform while ensuring the compliance of directions and technical guidelines issued by Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Central Pollution Control Board and Punjab Pollution Control Board, as applicable. It helped in environmentally sound management of hazardous waste and domestic Hazardous waste including after-care of disposal site, i.e., secured landfill.

Individual alphabets in TSDF:

T stands for “Treatment” means a method , technique or process, designed to modify the physical, chemical or, biological characteristics or, composition of any hazardous or, domestic Hazardous waste so as to reduce its potential to cause harm;

S stands for “Storage” means storing hazardous or domestic hazardous waste for a temporary period, at the end of which such waste is processed or, disposed of;

D stands for “Disposal” means any operation which does not lead to reuse,recycling, recovery or, utilisation including co-processing and includes physico-chemical treatment, biological treatment , incineration and disposal in secured landfill; and

F stands for “Facility”.

Further, processing of waste at Alternative Fuel Resource Facility (AFRF) and incineration at common incinerator, as required is undertaken.

Re Sustainability Limited, operator offers services for transportation, storage, handling, stabilization/incineration of hazardous waste, contaminated soil and domestic hazardous waste, as applicable in Punjab and U.T. Chandigarh.